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New Hardwood Floors Will Improve Your Home’s Value

Many would agree that there’s nothing more elegant than beautifully crafted hardwood floors. Doesn’t your home deserve this classic accent that can help you improve its resale value? If you’ve always wanted new hardwood floors in your St. Cloud, MN area home or office but thought the price was out of your reach, come to Floor to Ceiling for the best selection at prices far less than you’ve ever imagined. Take a walk through our welcoming showroom and let our highly trained sales team guide you through our many affordable options. Together, we’ll find the hardwood flooring that’s right for you and your budget!

hardwood floor

Expert Hardwood Floor Installation

Not all hardwood flooring is the same. There are many differences between solid and engineered hardwood flooring. While traditional solid hardwoods are still readily available, many manufacturers now offer engineered hardwoods that are designed to help protect them from expanding and contracting over time. Hardwood floors also come in many colors, finishes, grain patterns, plank widths, and wood types to offer you endless design options to complement any space. Once you’ve made your hardwood flooring selection at Floor to Ceiling, you can rely on our expert installers to have your new hardwood floors in the St. Cloud, MN area in place as cost-effectively as possible.

hardwood floor in entry way

Be Inspired by Visiting Floor to Ceiling’s Showroom

Floor to Ceiling offers many high-quality hardwood flooring brands in our showroom, including Provenza®, Kentwood, and Ayers. No matter what type you choose, we promise you’ll love the look and feel of your new hardwood floors, and others will admire it too. Someday when you decide to sell your home, you’ll discover how much of a good investment adding lovely hardwood floors from St. Cloud’s Floor to Ceiling really is for your pocketbook. Please contact us today for a free estimate!

The Brands You Will Find at Floor to Ceiling

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